What is Good Art?

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What is Good Art?

What is good art? And who cares? I would say forget about artwork and whether it is good. If you like a piece of artwork whether by an established artist who is famous, or a good artist you like, or even a talented drawer or painter who is completely unestablished, consider buying it. Consider how much it would please you to see this piece of artwork several times a day every day from now on. If the answer is a lot, buy it. And keep in touch with the artist from time to time to see how they are doing in their career and what events they will be displaying at and where. They can probably keep you updated by e-mail or checking a site like this one.

The only people who must be concerned whether their art is good or not are the people who are investing in art to make a profit. Here it would be important to incorporate an art advisor of some sort, who can indicate the trends and types of art to invest in, and the artists to watch.

So good art? Well, there are plenty of reviewers of art out there making money talking and expressing their feelings and knowledge about what makes art good. Guess what, there are as many opinions as there are reviewers. There is a great deal to learn about art history and all that has transpired in art over the many centuries. Classic art has already been judged to be good or at least popular at a particular period of time, and it still is. The public's taste in art changes drastically sometimes. I wish I could post pictures in this content and comment about them so you, if you don't know how, could learn from me what to look for, especially if you intend to buy some artwork. But I still restate my initial statement that if a piece of artwork speaks to you it has achieved its purpose. You have understood it, it has spoken to you. That is always a special experience, and if you can afford the piece, invest and buy it. If you can't afford it, go home get on the Internet and copy pictures that you like to your hard drive and experiment with printing them out. Of course, if there is a water mark on the picture with a name, you won't be able to get rid of that. Another option, slightly more expensive, is to search the Internet for a poster of the piece you like. If the artist is famous you will find it.

I put this picture up for a purpose. I think most viewers would agree that this picture of "Blue Iris" is good artwork, but why? Well, simply because it looks like what it is representing; it looks like two blue iris flowers. Well, it is actually representational art, meaning it looks like what it is portraying. But some people now paint paintings that look exactlly like a photo of something. Hey, we have cameras for that now. No need to paint like that anymore. My personal opinion. Okay so why did I put this picture up? Well, I have always liked the impressionists and on the back of an 11" x 14" art booklet on how to draw or paint was this photograph of the blue iris so I decided to paint it and this was the result. It was painted in 1962 when I was in the tenth grade. Well, maybe I was a genious, who knows. But when it came to be time to make money in my life I knew I didn't want to starve, and that I wanted to be able to pay the bills, so I took a government job I could do. Well, I am now retired living on my good government pension and will be doing my artwork in the time I have left in life. Well, I think the art work I do now is better, but it is not as pretty. So yes, Picasso has influenced me and he was correct. And remember, like what you like, and only buy what you like.