What about abstract art?

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What about abstract art?

This painting is titled "Orbs in Space 1 -- Crossing Paths". The spheres represent two people crossing paths in life and the center shared orb, which is the time they spend together whether long or short. Would you have understood this painting if I had not explained it? Probably not. And that is something that is very difficult about abstract artwork. I believe the understanding the painter had of the painting is not always clearly relayed to the viewer, at least not very often. But there are still many things to like about abstract art. One can enjoy the overall color effect of the work, or even just the movement displayed within the piece. Color, movement, texture, size, and last but not least, price. But it has to be something you will enjoy seeing a lot of, should you decide you have to have it in your collection.

Yes, before you buy a piece of art, decide if you can stand to see it every day.

I like providing this image large so people can order large blowups of it. It makes a good poster.

I like this piece, and I like to share it.

Rod Ismay

[to be continued]