Color Glorious Color

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Color Glorious Color

In the picture "Hot Tasty Freeze," to the left. I used color and shape to try to look like a three dimentional figure, without any shading to define the shape. I think it worked a little bit, because I can imagine it as a sculpture. Also in this picture, I just like the color combination I chose to use. Usually when I work in color I like it to be rich in color.

Color is very interesting, because it can be calm and peaceful or agitated and shown in combinations which jar the nerves. And then it can be anything in between as well. I feel my own use of color to often be subjective to how I feel concerning the subject I am portraying. And since we are all different, the appreciation of color can be a very personal choice and experience.

It does seem to me that most people respond positively to the bold color that Vincent vanGogh used in his paintings. That is one aspect of what people like about his art, that he used color very effectively and with emotional conotations to it as well.

But in its appreation color is very subjective and can affect peoples emotions rather directly. And that can be a good or bad thing.

[to be continued]